The Advantages of Self-storage Over a Shed or Attic

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by safeselfstoragecalgary No Comments

It is very common for people to have trouble letting things go. We always want to keep everything we have for a rainy day, or in case we need it again. This could be anything from winter clothes, to photo albums, to instruments and toys. We’ve seen it all. While many people opt to keep these in their homes somewhere like a shed or an attic, it is much better to place them in a storage unit. Here are just some of the advantages of self-storage over a shed or attic.

1) It frees up space in your house

Imagine all of that extra space in your attic or in the shed? What would you do with it? You could use the space in your attic to make a new room, or even to place other more important items. With a shed, you could store tools, lawnmowers, or even use the extra space to place your garbage cans so they are safe from animals.

2) It’s cheaper

It is certainly more cost-effective for you to use one of our modern storage units as compared to building a shed in your back yard. Think about all of the work and materials, and then think about all of the maintenance that you will have to do perform in order to keep it up to speed. Nails, paint, wood, and labour all add up really quickly.

3) Your things are safe from damage here

Not only is our state-of-the-art facility on lockdown at all times, but we have the most cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of your belongings from all sorts of damage like mold, water damage, and anything else that might harm them. These are normally things that you cannot keep in your home such as metal walls and industrial insulation.

Although it could be tempting to want to store all of your things somewhere in your house to keep them on hand, chances are you won’t really be needing them any time soon if you are storing them. When you use one of our units, you can free up space in your home, save money, and keep them safer. For more information about our storage facilities, check us out on the web. We are sure that you will choose the better option.

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