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Stop using your garage for storing all the not-so-often used items and put the garage to right use, that is for parking your car! It’s high time that you need to look for a storage rental in Calgary that can provide safe storage solution helping you to make space for yourself and eliminate the mess created in your property. If money is what you’ve worried about, fret no more, as our cheap storage in Calgary not only provides optimal solution to your problem but is also available at very affordable and customized packages. So whether you are looking for a mini storage in Calgary, heated storage in Calgary or a huge space to cram your entire house, you got one.

We worry about your comfort, and also about the safety of your goods when stored in our premises as we have a state-of-the-art security system and security personnel in our property. We act as a one-stop-shop that provides affordable storage in Calgary.

Located off of Deerfoot Trail on Ogden Road, our facility for downtown storage in Calgary is well equipped for storing all kinds of goods and products, whether domestic or commercial.

Our featured units for low cost storage in Calgary are available in various sizes. Although all storage units have minimum 11’ ceilings, the square feet area might differ for you to be able to choose what’s most suitable.

  • 3×6: This is a suitable size selection, if your sole purpose is to store documents, files, records and smaller boxes.
  • 5×5: This 25sq ft area is suitable for storing carton boxes, tools, small equipment etc.
  • 8×10: As good as a bedroom space, this storage unit can store the belongings of an entire apartment.
  • 10×10: This unit is apt if you need to pack the belongings of a 2 bedroom apartment or items with similar volume.
  • 10×15: This storage unit can be rented for storing the furniture of an average house.
  • 10×19: Nearly the size of a garage, this unit is suitable for storing the furniture and stuff of a large house along with the inventory.

So no matter what your need is, you can safeguard your possessions without cluttering your house at no security deposit condition. Contact us today at 403-508-7787.

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