Basic Rules for Self Storage

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If you are in between houses, renting an apartment or staying with friends, you will probably need to store your furniture somewhere until your place becomes available.

Before you bring a houseful of possessions to the local self-storage center, you should do a bit of homework. Self-storage facilities have certain rules about what you can and can’t put into a rented room. You should ask about the rules before you put items in storage and make sure that the items are put away properly.

The list of prohibited materials generally includes explosives, flammable materials, toxic chemicals, weapons and illegal or controlled substances. Also an obvious rule is that no person or animal can live in the units.

Here are some suggestions for storing your belongings:

  • Place small, expensive items at the back of the unit to make them harder to reach.
  • Wrap china and breakable items in bubble wrap or newspapers.
  • Use wooden pallets or boards to raise stored items off the floor and minimize water damage.
  • Make an inventory, including model and serial numbers, of items stored. Recording a video log with your smartphone is also helpful.
  • Keep sales receipts, owner’s manuals, warranties and other proofs of purchase in a safe place where they won’t get lost or damaged.

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