Why Go for Self-Storage in Calgary?

It seems that more and more individuals around the globe are opting to store their goods in self-storage facilities rather than storing them at home. Yes, self-storage facilities have become the go-to option for millions of people, as they have a handful of advantages that cannot be attained at home.

Top Advantages of Storing Goods in a Self-Storage Facility

When … Continue reading

Seasonal Storage Tips

Every season brings with it different changes, not only in what one wears but also what needs to be used. It is important to take some time in order to rearrange items when seasons change. In summer, one needs to put away the heavy coats and heavy boots while in winter, the summer dresses and beach items need to be … Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Self Storage for Businesses

Every business that sells products needs an effective place to put their inventory in. Just like regular individuals who don’t have the required space in their homes to place all of their belongings, businesses in Calgary are also turning to self-storage for their operations.

One of the main advantages of self-storage for businesses is that it simplifies inventory management. Customers … Continue reading

How to Properly Store Tires in Self Storage

In addition to heat, another significant factor in storing tires and prolonging tire life is light. Tires should be stored in a cool, dark, dry spot – a climate controlled storage space is the best option to maintain and prolong the life of your tires.

Before you put the tires in storage, we recommend that you do the following to … Continue reading

Safe Self Storage Does Not Accept Chemicals

Gasoline, chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals are important products that can be useful for the maintenance of a household. Stored improperly, however, the chemicals can cause massive damage to life and homes; in severe cases it can cause death.

Please note that at Safe Self Storage, we will never agree to store any kind of chemical product. We understand however … Continue reading

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