Your Orderly Home is Perfect – Until Your Boyfriend Moves in and Suddenly There’s No Room for Anything. What To Do?

Your apartment may have been spacious and ideal in your eyes when you were living alone, but now that your partner has moved in, the apartment is starting to get crowded and less comfortable. Overnight, your beautiful haven is overrun with office supplies and a collection of male paraphernalia that officially puts you in panic mode.

How will you cope … Continue reading

How to Store Seasonal Clothing

When it comes to storing seasonal clothing, proper storage should be implemented to help guard against moth holes and oxidation stains. The storage space should be clean, cool well ventilated and dry to prevent mildew growth.

Here are a few rules to follow before you put your clothes into storage:

Before you put any clothing items into storage, make sure … Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Storage Space

It’s a trend: people all over Canada are downsizing their homes and seeking ways to store everyday things more efficiently. Safe Self Storage offers the following five tips to help you organize your living space and get the most out of it.

Give things away: Set up a box where you gather things you plan to give away so they’re … Continue reading

Protect Your Documents and Photographs in Storage

Anyone who has ever opened a box of old precious possessions and found mouse droppings, dead bugs, yellowed brittle pages or acid-stained photographs understands the serious repercussions of poorly executed storage.

We all have family keepsakes that we wish to hold onto – things like important documents, diaries, letters, posters, marriage certificates, college diplomas and other archive-worthy items that we … Continue reading

How to Pack Properly for a Self-Storage Unit

In each and every one of us there is a little pack rat – whether it is the perfectly good kitchen table from your first apartment, your grandfather’s encyclopedia collection, or your college books and notebooks, such possessions are never easy to let go of. Even though logic dictates that your house would look, feel and function better if you … Continue reading

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