Calgary Self Storage: how much space do I need?

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Getting self-storage for your home goods that you can’t fit or can’t take with you is a safe, easy, and convenient solution to your storage needs, and all at an affordable price. But how much space do you need for all of your stuff? Is there a way to know beforehand how big the storage needs to be so you don’t end up jamming everything in and breaking your possessions? Good news is that there are some rules of thumb for these types of things.

One or Two Bedroom apartment
Many people who find they need storage are those who live in one or two bedroom apartments. There is plenty of space for living, but little for storing your extra possessions. In this case it is recommended that you have at least 80 sq. feet for your unit, and if you have two bedrooms and lots of things, you might want to think about going up to 100 sq. feet or more.

Average to Large homes
For families that live in average to large homes, it can be a real hassle to store all of your things while you look for a new place during a move. After all you have so much stuff and so much space for it normally, but now you find yourself trying to condense it into a few sq. feet of space. In this case we recommend at least 150 sq. feet, and for larger homes, as much as 200 sq. feet or more.

Only you know how much stuff you really have, but our years of experience have taught us a thing or two about self-storage. So before you go about choosing which kind of storage space you are going to need for all of your stuff, check out our rules of thumb on how much space you need.

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