Common Myths about Self-storage

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Getting self-storage is a great way for people to keep their belongings safe and in one place during the transit between new homes. It is also sometimes the only option for people who have too much stuff and not enough space for it. Maybe you just have some stuff that you don’t need at the moment, but don’t want it stored in your home.

For whatever reason, it is a great option for most people. Still, for some reason, persistent myths abound about our business from people who just don’t trust it. Despite years of great service, and the success of companies like ours around the world, some common myths about self-storage exist, and we need to debunk them.

You have to do all of the work yourself
Many people are put off by the idea of taking time out of their busy lives to lug heavy stuff into a storage unit. So they forsake us. In reality, we offer everything you could possibly need to help. From hand trucks and dollies, to elevators and straps. We will even provide moving service for you if you want us to do everything. Don’t let the backbreaking work scare you away. We have everything you need.

It isn’t safe enough
False. The quality of security we offer is top-notch. Our units are monitored 24-7 by quick response security, and cameras are all over the place. Access is protected through a computer system, and it is nearly impossible to get in without proper credentials. Not to mention that even if someone were to get in, it is one tough task to get the door of any unit open. Don’t let the scaremongers chase you off. Your things are safe here.

Damp, musty units damage items
Well this can actually be true. Outdated, dark, musty units will slowly destroy what is inside of them. The myth here is that professional storage companies have these types of units. That is patently false. Here at Safe Self Storage in Calgary, we have the cleanest, most up-to-date spaces in the industry, and everything is well-maintained. Your items will not be damaged by our facilities.

Don’t let these common myths about self-storage scare you away from storing your personal belongings with us, because in the end, they are exactly that: myths. They are in no way true about most companies in our industry, and certainly not true about ours. Safe Self Storage is Calgary’s go-to storage company. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your belongings in a safe, convenient, and affordable place.

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