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If you’re going to have your personal or business items stored in our storage units for any length of time over the winter then you should consider a unit with heated storage. With heated storage Calgary‘s weather has less of a chance to damage your valuable items, just as though they were in the relatively steady temperature of your own home or office.

Not everything withstands the cold Calgary temperatures, or our wide and rapid temperature variations. Calgary’s winters are famous the world over for the huge variances in temperatures and humidity. It’s not at all uncommon for Calgary and all of Alberta to experience a 30 degree temperature change within less than half a week. Recent media reports suggest that our climate is moving towards even more extreme swings in temperature, both from season to season and even from week to week. And our winter weather is actually very dry at times. Cold and dry weather together can cause damage to some materials if they are left exposed to this environment for lengthy periods of time.

For these reasons Safe Self Storage offers heated storage Calgary.

Items such as the following are sensitive to the extreme cold and also to the temperature variances that come along with Calgary’s climate:

  • Antiques
  • Artwork (paintings, drawings, posters, etc.)
  • Nearly all electronics like cameras, televisions, computers and stereos
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Cassettes
  • Photographic or video negatives
  • Irreplaceable family heirlooms like photgraphs
  • Items made of leather and certain plastics

Some of the effects that Calgary’s cold and rapid temperature variations can have include:

  • Cracking, tearing, breakage and warping from expanding and contracting in extreme temperature variations
  • Yellowing and degradation of fabrics, photographs and papers from extreme temperatures
  • Damaged electronics from dampness or extreme cold
  • Degradation of sound and image quality on cassette or other magnetic tape media like family video tapes

In our heated storage Calgary’s weather doesn’t have these extreme and damaging effects on your personal and business items.

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