Packing Tips for Self-Storage

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Is your closet overflowing? Do you feel that your rooms, cabinets and storage spaces are filled to the brim? The growing availability of rentable self-service storage units may present a solution to all of your problems.

Self-storage units work for people in between moves, college students who are home for the summer, businesses that keep paper records, or people simply looking to reduce clutter by storing off seasonal clothing, sports equipment and extra furniture. There are some key things to remember when you are packing up household items to go into a storage unit:

– When selecting a facility, consider factors such as location, convenience of entrance, hours of operation, insurance and the rates for renting a space.
– Keep an inventory of what you store.
– Before moving your possessions into the unit, check for signs of leaks and make sure that water drains away from the unit.
– Cover furniture and upholstery with dust covers or sheets to protect them from dirt and dust.
– Be sure to fill boxes all the way to the top and sides so they are less likely to collapse on top of one another.
– Fill empty spaces in boxes with bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper.
– Be sure to label the contents of your boxes and also indicate whether the items inside the box are fragile.
– Use uniform size boxes because it makes the stacking process simpler.
– Leave an aisle between rows of boxes so you can reach cartons easily.
– If you are storing bookcases or shelving units you can use those to hold fragile items and to protect them from being crushed or lost in the stacks.

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