Packing Tips for Storage

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When you are in between places, it may be necessary to store your belongings in a self-storage unit. The best way to be sure that your belongings will be safe is to package and store them properly. If you follow a few simple steps, you can be sure to fit all of your belongings in the unit, and that they will be in the same condition that they were in when you packed them up.

Packing Your Items

There are a few steps that you should follow to ensure the safety of your belongs during storage.

Cover your boxes: In order to prevent your belongings from getting dusty, you should keep a lid on the boxes.

Cover fragile items: If you are packing fragile items in boxes, it is important to wrap them, using bubble wrap or paper. This will prevent fragile items from getting broken if the boxes are dropped.

Fill the boxes: If your boxes are not filled to capacity, the items inside can shift during transportation, causing the sides and corners to collapse. If you do not have enough items to fill the box, use foam peanuts. They will fill the gaps in the boxes.

Weight: It is important to distribute the weight in the boxes evenly. You also want to make sure that the boxes are not too heavy for the person who is moving them.

Books: Pack book flat down. If you stand them up, you risk damaging the spines of the books.

Label: It is a good idea to label each box. If you need something while your things are in storage, it will be easy to figure out which box it is in.

Loading the Storage Unit

In order to fit the most items in your storage unit, they should be packed in properly. If you follow a few simple tips, you will get the most out of your unit.

Breakdown furniture: It is a good idea to break down furniture if possible. For example, take beds apart and remove the legs from tables. You should also cover the furniture with sheets or tarps to protect it.

Vertical storage: If you are storing large pieces of furniture, it should be done vertically. This will allow you to place more items in the unit.

Sofa and loveseat: If you are storing a sofa and loveseat, store the sofa, flat down, the place the loveseat upside down over it. If there is room, you can put a coffee table or end tables on top.

Washers and dryers: Stacking your washer and dryer on top of one another rather than side by side is a real space saver.

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