How to Properly Store Tires in Self Storage

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In addition to heat, another significant factor in storing tires and prolonging tire life is light. Tires should be stored in a cool, dark, dry spot – a climate controlled storage space is the best option to maintain and prolong the life of your tires.

Before you put the tires in storage, we recommend that you do the following to maximize storage life:

  • Enclose each tire individually in a dark, airtight bag.
  • Before putting the tire in a bag, clean it well with soap, water and a brush to get rid of brake dust and other contaminant.
  • Once you are done cleaning the tires you need to thoroughly dry them out. It is important that you remove all moisture before putting the tires in storage.
  • Most tire manufacturers also suggest you refrain from applying any tire dressing when storing tires. Do not treat them with any kind of tire cleaning/shining product.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or any air removal device, suck out the excess air before sealing the bag shut with duct tape.
  • And finally store the tires on their sides. Rotate the tires every three months.
  • When you take the tires out of storage, check for hairline cracks inside the tread area and in the sidewall area before you use them.

Tires have a certain useful life regardless of whether they are stored or how often they are used. Usually the life time is in the area of five years or less. If you have any questions about self-storage facilities and services, contact Safe Self-Storage today. 403-508-7787.




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