Safe Self Storage Does Not Accept Chemicals

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Gasoline, chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals are important products that can be useful for the maintenance of a household. Stored improperly, however, the chemicals can cause massive damage to life and homes; in severe cases it can cause death.

Please note that at Safe Self Storage, we will never agree to store any kind of chemical product. We understand however that you will still need to store these chemicals in your home. This is why we have compiled some tips to help you store three commonly used chemicals safely at home:

Propane gas: Propane gas is probably one of the most hazardous chemicals we use and store in our homes. We usually use propane gas cylinders for gas grills and barbecue stations. What most people don’t know is that propane tanks can be dangerous even when they are not being used to fuel a barbecue grill. Propane gas tanks should NEVER be stored in your home or in the garage. If the cylinder starts leaking, the gas is going to seep into your home. Should the gas come in touch with an ignition source, a serious fire or explosion could occur. We recommend the cylinder is stored safely outdoors. A shed away from the house is one of the better places to store a propane tank.

Gasoline: Homeowners use gasoline to run their lawnmowers and weed trimmers. Most homeowners will usually store the fuel in the garage. Storing the gasoline in the garage is fine – as long as a few simple precautions are followed. The gasoline should always be stored in the proper containers and away from heat.

Pool Chemicals: Pool chemicals, used to clean and maintain virtually every pool, pose special dangers for homeowners. Chemicals such as chlorine can spontaneously combust. Chlorine is especially dangerous to place next to gasoline. Make sure chlorine is stored in a dry place, well away from other chemicals.

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