Self Storage Insurance

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If have any personal or business items in an off-site storage unit, do you need to purchase your own self storage insurance from an insurance company?

The short answer is: probably.

First, check your existing home, business or renters contents insurance policy. If you’re unsure of what it says then certainly contact your insurance company or broker, that’s what they’re for! Most home or business insurance policies will have a limitation on goods stored off-site, and renters contents insurance policies are unlikely to cover goods stored in an off-site storage unit at all. Of course, your policy may in fact contain provisions for self storage insurance so its best to check. Many insurance companies will offer a rider to your existing home insurance policy to cover your belongings in your self storage unit, or sell you a special policy for this purpose.

After all, even though our facility is monitored and secured, things still happen. Your personal belongings are valuable and they are yours, so you need to take steps to protect them. If they’re worth keeping then they’re probably worth insuring.

For these reasons we strongly recommend you contact your insurance company about making sure the items in your storage unit are covered by self storage insurance.

If you have any questions about Safe Self Storage’s insurance policies and what is or is not covered please contact us through the form to the right, or call us at (403) 508-7788.

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