Storing a Carpet

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There are certain procedures when it comes to preparing a carpet for storage. If these procedures are not followed, your carpet will most likely deteriorate and attract pests.

The best location for the storage of your carpet would be in a room that is cool, dry and where blinds or curtains block natural light. Few of us have the luxury of having a spare room that we can devote to storage, which is why Safe Self Storage becomes the best option to prolong the life of your carpets and family heirlooms while also freeing up space in your home.

Here is how to store carpets so that they remain in great condition for future use:

– Carpets should not be stored in humid areas because the humidity may cause mold to form on the carpet. If you want to place your carpet in storage, the space you choose should be aerated and at a certain temperature. Make sure that the storage place you choose is not humid and that a reliable ventilation and cooling system is present in the storage room.

– Clean the rug. Always vacuum a rug before storing; this will remove dander, flea eggs, dust mites etc.

– Gently roll up the carpet, pile inwards. Never fold a rug for short or long term storage, as permanent creases may form.

– Lay a few mothballs for extra protection against pests. Then tie a couple of straps around the carpet so that it doesn’t unroll.

– Wrap the carpet with a canvas sheet to protect it from dust, insects and vermin.

– Under no circumstances should the carpet be wet or damp when you roll it up for storage. Nor should the carpet be stored in an upright position, as this could result in it losing its shape.

– Unroll the carpet at least every three months to vacuum it. You should also check the carpet thoroughly for pests. Lay a few more mothballs, as their effect diminishes over time.

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