Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Storage Space

Posted on: December 23rd, 2014 by safeselfstoragecalgary No Comments

It’s a trend: people all over Canada are downsizing their homes and seeking ways to store everyday things more efficiently. Safe Self Storage offers the following five tips to help you organize your living space and get the most out of it.

  • Give things away: Set up a box where you gather things you plan to give away so they’re organized and ready when you are. Make it a monthly or seasonal habit of reassessing the things you own to make sure everything’s still useful or important to you.
  • Look around: Determine whether some possessions such as beds and couches are too big; figure out what you don’t really need, and what might free up space if it were gone. Ask yourself whether you really need that pasta maker or the extra coffee machine. Consider putting them in storage until you need them again.
  • Use furniture with storage options: Examples of furniture with good storage options are ottomans with storage inside, beds with drawers underneath, and countertop appliances that perform multiple functions. If you’re in the market for any new furniture, look for versions that fold away such as tables and futons.
  • Install shelves: Shelves can be part of the decor and serve as storage at the same time. Add shelves in areas that are underutilized. For example, you could add shelves above the toilet in your bathroom, behind doors, in the back of the closet or in a corner of the family room.
  • Consider a closet system such as small kits that can transform a blank closet wall with extra shelves and hanging bars.

If after following those tips, you find that you still have extra things lying around your home, consider getting organized with our self-storage option. With Safe Self-Storage, you can get organized and create lots of storage space that is easy to access! If you have any questions about self-storage facilities and services, contact Safe Self-Storage today. 403-508-7787.


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