What You Shouldn’t Put in Your Self-Storage Unit

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The best thing about having a self-storage unit is that you can safely keep all of your belongings in one place without having to worry about them. They can be out of the way, out of sight and mind, and safely stored until you need them. That doesn’t mean that you can just throw whatever you please into the unit, lock the door, and hope all goes well, though. We have had plenty of customers put some wild things into their spaces, and we need our patrons to be aware of what you shouldn’t put in your self-storage unit. Here are a few things that are an absolute no-go with us.


We have already covered why you shouldn’t put chemicals in your storage unit, but it bears repeating. This goes for products that contain gasoline or kerosene, propane tanks, paint, or cleaning products with alcohol. We especially don’t want corrosives or any of those materials, either. We cannot safely store them here, and the heat can make for some really dangerous situations should they be present.

Your firearms

You might think that keeping grandpa’s hunting rifle in storage until you decide what to do with it is ok, but it isn’t. We have strict firearm storage laws here in Canada, and chances are you are breaking them by putting yours inside the space. Not only that, but accidents can happen that could put people in danger. We don’t want them here, and you are not allowed to put them in.


If you buy a bunch of fireworks for a celebration, and then have some left over, don’t bring them here. Sometimes people might want to save them for a rainy day, but putting them in your storage space is absolutely forbidden. They could go off at any time when stored, and start a fire.


For the most part we mean perishable foods. It might seem strange that we have to mention this, but it has happened before. Don’t put foods that can go bad into your storage unit. This is going to make things awfully difficult for us. As far as non-perishables, it is still better to keep them in your home. If you don’t ‘want them, then donate them. Don’t hide them away in our facility.

Self-storage is great because it allows you to get a bunch of different items off of your hands, and into one place where you can safely keep them without worrying. Still, we can’t take everything that you have. If you know what you shouldn’t put into your storage unit, then things will go a lot better for both parties. For any additional information, contact us on the web today

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