Winter Self Storage Tips

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Most people never want to let go of items they spent money to acquire. And even though the option of donating is often a viable solution, it somehow doesn’t sit well with most of them. Because of this, a self-storage facility would be a godsend as it provides a safe haven for their items to be stored for later use – when the season changes.

However, with every self-storage unit out there, there’s always a need to take precautions by seeing that only the right items are stored in the unit. Chemicals and firearms could explode or cause accidental injuries. Food will perish, and attract rodents. Other items not suitable for such storage spaces will either cause damage or create unsafe conditions for people who may use the self-storage facility from time to time.

Because of these concerns, it’s always wise to educate the general public on what things they can store in these facilities during winter. After all, these items somehow face the risk of getting damaged if stored at home. So here’s the list.

Lawn care items

You won’t need to cut grass or take care of your lawn during the winter season, so these items will be best stored in a self-storage facility.


Most people value their antiques, and they wouldn’t want to damage them by exposing them to unfavorable temperatures. If you really believe that your antiques deserve to be passed on to the next generation, proper care of is necessary during the winter season.

Vehicles and summer items

If the facility has a large space, you can have your recreational vehicle, boat, motorcycle and other summer holiday items stored safely until you’ll need them.

Old appliances

Self-storage facilities often have climate-controlled atmosphere to guarantee safety of most items. If you have old appliances you believe will be damaged if exposed to the cold of the winter weather, it is better to have them stored safely in these facilities.

Purchase documents

Important documents at home often include warranties, receipts, owner’s manual, proof of purchase and many more. These can be locked somewhere safe since they are likely to get damaged during a winter storm.

Generally, you can keep as many items as you can in a storage unit as long as they don’t fall in the list of illegal items. Use these facilities if you believe the items you want stored will be damaged due to the conditions presented forth by the winter weather.

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